COVID-19 Summary in Middletown

COVID-19 Data for Middletown

Total # Tested Postive Negative Survived* Age Range of Positive Cases Deaths Age Range of Deaths
5958 (0) 638 (+8) 4128 236 (0) 10mo-100 88 (+4) 47-101

Data current as of July 11, 2020 6:30 PM

*The "survived" outcome variable is an indication of the patient’s vital status. On the COVID-19 Case Report Form, the question is: "Did the patient die?". If the answer is checked "no" by the medical provider, the case will be marked as “survived”. In general, unless the case is marked "died", the person is alive to the best of our knowledge. As soon as a death is reported to the Department of Public Health, the record is updated in the database to “died”.