Getting Proof of Vaccination

Hold onto your vaccination card post-vaccination because it is your proof of vaccination. You can also find proof of vaccination on VAMS (if you previously registered) or on CT WiZ.

I need proof of vaccination, but don't have my vaccination card. What do I do? 

Visit the CT WiZ website to request proof of vaccination from the State of Connecticut. All fields must match the state record including phone number or email used for verification

Using CT WiZ

  1. Visit
  3. Enter First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, and Gender. Indicate relationship to patient
  4. Enter a phone number or email for two-factor authentication
    1. NOTE: Enter the same phone number or email that you provided on vaccination forms. See section below for troubleshooting errors
  5. Click "Search" 
  6. On the next page, click "Request Code to Access Immunization Record"
  7. Enter the code you were sent and select "Verify" 
  8. At the top of the page, select "Download COVID-19 Record" or "Download Full Record"

If you see the error, "We were unable to find a record matching the search criteria supplied..."

  1. Make sure all information is correct, including email and phone number
  2. Try a different email or phone number
  3. Visit the "Troubleshooting & Frequently Asked Questions" section on the CT DPH website:
  4. If you still cannot access your information, call the State Immunization Helpdesk at: 860-509-7929

Smart Health Cards

Smart Health Cards are a way to store your proof of vaccination on your smartphone. When asked to provide proof of vaccination at a participating location, you may present your electronic record or a QR code to show your vaccination record. Smart Health Cards may not be accepted everywhere, so hold onto your paper card as well! 

How to Access your Smart Health Card

To access your Smart Health card, you will first need to log into CTWiz and download your COVID-19 Vaccination Record. Follow instructions from DPH on how to store your record on your phone:

I Need a Vaccination Card

If you need a new vaccination card, call the provider or clinic that administered your vaccine. 

If you were vaccinated at the Vine Street vaccination site, please contact the Community Health Center, who hosted the Vine Street clinic. If you were vaccinated at a clinic hosted by the City of Middletown Health Department, call us at (860) 638-4960.