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Our Services

CHEER is here to help the Middletown community. Our primary focus is creating better energy efficiency in homes. Energy efficiency work is often obstructed by health and safety issues. CHEER has a special focus helping people with these issues, but we can help any resident that requests it. CHEER brings together expert energy efficiency coaching and resources to: 
1. remove health and safety obstacles to energy efficiency
2. facilitate the energy efficiency work
3. provide strategic coaching to help people develop and implement long-term strategies to improve the health and safety of their home, reduce energy use and access renewable energy

Below are just some of the issues that prevent energy efficiency work from taking place. 
  • Asbestos-like material
  • Lead paint
  • Knob and tube wiring (still energized) 
  • Trip hazards
  • Mold

Common Questions

Does CHEER cost anything? 
CHEER is a free service to Middletown residents. Together, we will create short-term action items and a long-term, strategic plan for energy efficiency and improved sustainability that will be financially beneficial to you, and will help the city reduce its climate impact. Depending on your situation, and the work pursued, there may be a contribution requested of the homeowner either one time, or, for example, to shift current utility expenditures to pay for upgrades or renewable energy. CHEER works with each project to develop a custom plan to get the work done, improve health and safety, energy efficiency and access to renewable energy.  
Does CHEER have a Facebook page?
How do we help resolve these problems? 
CHEER has developed expertise and relationships with funds and resources that exist to help resolve many of the health and safety issues listed above. 
How do I sign up for CHEER services? 

Click the CHEER logo above to be brought to the intake form for the CHEER program. You will be contacted by our partner, I Heart My Home. 

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