Refill, Not Landfill Coffee Cup Passport Program

This exciting campaign, funded with a grant from the Rockfall Foundation, is scheduled to begin June 2022. Watch this page for details.  

Refill Not Landfill Logo BrownBlackDid you know?

Disposable paper and polystyrene coffee cups are not acceptable with the recycling in Connecticut.  

In fact, compostable cups are also not acceptable with the City’s recycling or the food waste program!  Shout out to one local shop, Perk on Main, who has gone above and beyond and has made arrangements to get their compostableware actually composted, but keep in mind, this is not the norm in Middletown and the  Middlesex County area. 

The clear plastic cups for ice coffees, are accepted with the recycling program, but often end up in the trash. Clear cups for smoothies have to be rinsed out before recycling.  

Please note, straws, if used, should always go in the trash.   

Americans drink over 100 billion cups a year and are responsible for 58% of the paper cup consumption in the world!


We can only do so much as consumers, but it’s important to think of ourselves as being part of a movement even we, as individuals, can affect. There are many things we can do to be more sustainable in our every day lives (resources linked below), but here’s one we, as a community, can actively support! 

Refill, Not Landfill

The 2022 “Refill, Not Landfill, Coffee Cup Passport Program” encourages you, the lovely patrons of coffee shops situated down and around Route 9, to reduce waste by simply using your own reusable travel cups! We hope this simple and convenient outreach program will lead to less waste and more sustainable efforts region wide. Programs for reusable takeout cups and other “to-go” containers are happening all over the world, and we are interested in supporting those efforts in our area, especially those that are already taking place in the community.  

  1. Sign a commitment pledge and grab a new and stylish reusable travel cup (while supplies last)! There’s no charge, just a written commitment that you will use your reusable mug. 
  2. Pick up a Coffee Cup Passport and get it stamped at your local shop! Bring the passport to a participating shop, use any reusable cup, and get a stamp. Each one will be unique to the shop you visit – can you collect them all? 
  3. Drop off your completed passport and enter into a Monthly Raffle! Once you get 5 stamps (unique to each shop and provided by the City), the passport can be entered into a raffle for local and sustainable prizes. The winners will be announced on this page and will be contacted via the information you include on your passport. 
  4. We will be stationed in coffee shops and host outreach tables numerous times from June – October 2022 (so come say hi!). These outreach efforts will gladly teach everyone about the importance of waste reduction. Even if you don’t have much time, feel free to swing by and flash us your reusable cup to get resounding smiles and hoots. 

Participating Shops (coming soon!)  

Passport Dropoff Locations (coming soon!) 

Monthly Raffle Prizes (coming soon!) 

Can't get one of our cups?  Many of the local stores offer sustainable reusable Cup/Tumbler Options.  Support our local shops, get great coffee and reduce wastefulness! 

FAQ (Coming Soon)

Additional Resources (Coming Soon) 

Special Thanks to

rockfalllogoThe Rockfall Foundation for the grant to financially back this great endeavor.

If you have any questions, please contact Kim O’Rourke at 860-638-4855 or