Bag Availability and Assistance

Where are Bags Available?

The official City bags are available at:

  • Price Chopper, Guest Services Desk, 855 Washington St 
  • Stop and Shop, 416 E. Main Street 
  • Corner Stop, 221 Newfield St 
  • Stop & Go, 294 So. Main St
  • Reboot Eco, 131 River Rd 
  • Smith & Bishel, 155 Main St 
  • Walgreens, 311 E. Main St & 633 Washington St
  • City Hall, Public Works, 245 Dekoven Drive, Room 210 
    • check, card or exact cash payment only at City Hall 
  • Order Online HERE. 
  • For bulk deliveries contact the Recycling Office   or call 860-638-4858. 
  • Delivery options are available for Seniors and those with mobility challenges.  Checks should be made out to "City of Middletown" and mailed to: Middletown City Hall,  Public Works Dept., 245 Dekoven Drive, Room 210, Middletown, CT 06457.  Include name, address, phone number and or email address, and the number and size of the bags you are paying for.  We will contact you to make delivery arrangements. 

What is the Cost of the Bags?

  • Price per roll: Green  
    • 4 gal (counter-top size): $1.50 per roll of 10
    • 8 gal. (bucket size): $2.50 per roll of 10
  • Price per roll: Orange 
    • 33 gal (large/family size): $8.25 roll of 5
    • 15 gal (pilot size): $5.00 roll of 5
    • 8 gal (seniors & singles sized): $7.00 roll of 10

Bag Assistance  - Assistance is available for low-income families. Please complete the assistance form and we will be in touch with you.

The orange bags cost more than a normal bag because the cost of disposal is included in the cost of the bag. The bag is your receipt for the cost of disposal. If you don’t use the orange bag, you aren’t paying your bill. Because of this, the cost of the bags cannot be compared to the typical bags you purchase anywhere because these bags include disposal costs, not just the cost of the bag. This system is similar to purchasing a USPS box to mail a package.  The cardboard box may be relatively inexpensive, but the cost to mail the box is high, thus flat-rate boxes are expensive.


In order to ensure compliance, starting in January 2024 the City will conduct spot checks to ensure customers are using the required bags.  Property owners received a reduction in their sanitation bills, and now must use the required orange bags, which include the disposal cost that was removed from their bill.   If they are not using the designated bags, they are not paying their bill.   If your trash cart is not picked up and you are not complying with the rules, pack your trash in the required orange bags and call 860-638-4858 to let the office know it is ready for pick up.  City trucks will come back to empty your cart when it is in compliance.