Records Bureau

Office Hours will be 9am to 3pm
Contact can be made via email or phone

The Middletown Police Records Bureau is the main contact for individuals and other agencies requesting information regarding Middletown Police Department activity.
The bureau has a staff of 4 civilian employees that serve an important role within the police department providing copies of accident/case reports, permits and record checks as requested. In addition, the bureau is also responsible for the storing and processing of evidence and property seized or turned into the police department.

Freedom of information requests (requests for reports) can be made the following way:

Mail:  Middletown Police Department
          Records Bureau (FOIA)
          222 Main Street
          Middletown,  CT 06457

Report Fees

Copies of certified police reports or accident reports can be picked up in person for a charge of $1 for the first page and $0.50 for any additional page per C.G.S 1-212(e). Non-certified copies are $0.50 a page per C.G.S. 1-212(a)(2). 

Requests for Body Camera or Dash Camera Footage will be available for a charge of $5 per DVD of footage. These can be picked up in person, or mailed for a Charge of $2. 

The reports are usually available 5 to 7 days after the incident for review. Once the report is available for review, the Records Bureau Supervisor will determine if the report is releasable according to Chapter 14 of the Connecticut General Statutes (C.G.S. 1-200 through 1-259). Not all reports are releasable to the public.

Please note that requests for Body Camera or Dash Camera footage may take longer to process than police or accident reports.

Accident Reports

Click here to purchase a Middletown Police accident report.

Criminal History Check

Criminal History checks are $5 and show only arrests of a person by the Middletown Police Department.

Alarm Ordinance

Upon receipt of a third false alarm and each additional false alarm occurrence in any one calendar year, the Chief or designee will notify the alarm user by mail to pay the City of Middletown the sum of $50 for each false alarm occurrence. Failure to have a key holder respond at any occurrence will result in a $50 fine. Any person who is aggrieved because of the imposition of this fine may appeal before a hearing board, within 10 days of the imposition of such fine, by applying to the Chief of Police in writing.

Vendor Permits

Click here for instructions on how to apply for a vendor permit.

Click here for the vendor application.  You may print this out and submit it with all required documentation to apply for a vendor permit.

Connecticut Pistol Permits

If you would like to obtain an application for a pistol permit please click on the link below:

Or applications for a State of Connecticut Pistol Permit for Middletown residents can be picked up at the Middletown Police Department.