Common Council


  • 7 p.m.
  • 1st Monday of every month
  • Municipal Building
    245 deKoven Drive
    Council Chamber
    Middletown, CT 06457 

If the first Monday is a holiday, the Common Council will meet the next day, Tuesday. The Common Council may call special meetings as needed.

Scheduled Common Council Meetings for 2021 Calendar Year (PDF)

Agendas & Minutes

Agendas are available prior to the meetings. Minutes are available following approval.

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  1. Eugene Nocera

    Eugene Nocera (D)

    Majority Leader
    Phone: 860-250-4035

  1. Grady Faulkner, Jr.

    Grady L. Faulkner Jr. (D)

    Deputy Majority Leader
    Phone: 860-344-9395

  1. Philip Pessina

    Philip J. Pessina (R)

    Minority Leader
    Phone: 860-559-5211

  1. Anthony Gennaro, Sr.

    Anthony Gennaro, Sr. (R)

    Deputy Minority Leader
    Phone: 860-638-4980

  1. Jeannette White Blackwell

    Jeanette Blackwell (D)

    Council Member
    Phone: 860-638-4980

  1. Meghan Carta

    Meghan R. Carta (D)

    Council Member
    Phone: 860-638-4980

  1. Darnell Ford

    Darnell H. Ford (D)

    Council Member
    Phone: 860-990-3282

  1. Ed Ford, Jr

    Ed Ford, Jr. (R)

    Council Member
    Phone: 860-638-4980

  1. Vincent Loffredo

    Vinnie Loffredo (D)

    Council Member/ Deputy Mayor
    Phone: 860-638-4980

  1. Anthony Mangiafico

    Anthony Mangiafico (D)

    Phone: 860-540-6130

  1. Edward McKeon

    Ed McKeon (D)

    Council Member
    Phone: 860-398-9616

  1. Linda Salafia

    Linda Salafia (R)

    Council Member
    Phone: 860-638-4980

Common Council Member Committee Assignments

Common Council Committee Assignments 2019-2023 (PDF)

Common Council Rules of Procedure

Common Council Rules of Procedure 2019-2023 (PDF)

Mission Statement

To determine the goals and priorities of the City of Middletown in response to the needs of its citizens.


The City of Middletown’s Common Council is made up of twelve elected individuals who represent the City as a whole. As Middletown’s legislative body, it receives its authority from the City Charter, City Ordinances, and General or Special Acts of the General Assembly of the State of Connecticut.

The Council’s duty is to establish ordinances and resolutions necessary for the conduct of the City’s business. The Common Council also determines the City budget as well as levying taxes and authorizing the issuance of bonds of the City. Most legislation is referred to the appropriate standing committee for review and recommendation prior to final approval.

Get Involved

The Common Council invites citizens to play an active role in municipal government by attending and speaking at all council committee meetings, including the regular meetings.