1990 Approved Plan

This Plan of Conservation and Development has been guided by several key principles which will help shape the future vision for the City of Middletown. These principles are in part based on the findings of the resident's surveys carried out during the initial stages of the planning effort. They also reflect and build on the recommendations described in the 1990 Plan and in subsequent studies such as the 1993 Open Space Plan prepared by the Conservation Commission and the Vision 2000 report prepared for downtown Middletown.

Key Principles

The key principles used to guide the future strategic plan are as follows:

  • Attract Office and Light Industry
  • Emphasize Downtown as the Community Focal Point
  • Encourage infill Development
  • Improve Design Quality of Development
  • Increase Access and Use of the Riverfront
  • Limit the sprawl of Low-Density Housing
  • Protect Natural Resources

Issue Chapters

Here are the specific issue chapters of the plan that go into detail about how Middletown should implement the principles described on this page.

2002 Documented Issues

The following are informational documents created in 2002 on various issues in Middletown, these documents do not represent the official policy of the City of Middletown.

Documented Issue