1965 Plan of Development

History of the 1965 Plan of Development

The preparation of this report was financially aided through a Federal grant from the Urban Renewal Administration of the Housing and Home Finance Agency, under the urban planning assistance program authorized by Section 701 of the Housing Act of 1954, as amended, under the supervision of the Connecticut Development Commission.

1963: Preparing for the Plan

In September, 1963, the Middletown City Plan and Zoning Commission arranged through the Connecticut Development Commission for federal assistance in a program for the preparation of a Plan of Development for the City. Technical Planning Associates, of New Haven, were selected as consultants, to work in collaboration with the City Plan staff, under the direction of B. Ralph Gustafson, City Planner.

Adopting an Interim Plan

The Commission and its staff had previously prepared and adopted an "interim" plan, which in many respects laid the groundwork for today's product. Work on the program of the last two years was divided between the City Planning office and the consultants. In general, the city planner and his staff have carried on much of the field research and have maintained contact with the other city departments.

Final 1965 Plan

The preparation of the present maps and report was done by the consultants. Today's Plan is the result of more than a year and a half of study and discussion by members of the original City Plan and Zoning Commission and of its successor, the present City Planning Commission, as well as the work of the consultants and the City Planning staff. In September, 1964, a preliminary draft of the General Plan was published and distributed to interested citizens. The final Plan follows very closely the patterns set by the preliminary version. 

The consultants, the city planner and commission members have appeared at numerous meetings of civic and other organizations and the work has been well publicized by the local press.

City Planning & Zoning Commission

Members of the former City Planning and Zoning Commission who are not now on the present Commission include:

  • John S. Roth, Former Mayor
  • J. Passanesi, Selectmen
  • Nathan Shapiro 
  • William P. Spear
  • Helene B. Warner
  • William A. Anderson, Alternate Member
  • Robert Steinle, Alternate Member

The consultants take this opportunity to express their thanks for the cooperation and assistance of all of the commission members, the city planner, Mayor Dooley and former Mayor Roth and to many other officials and residents whom space does not permit us to mention here.