Unregistered Vehicles


If the violation is on private property the following procedure is followed:

  • An informal letter is sent to the owner giving said owner an opportunity to move the vehicle.
  • A formal cease and desist is sent by certified mail if the problem is then not addressed.
  • At 15 days after the ceases and desist is issued a monetary citation is issued for one hundred and fifty dollars (as indicated in Middletown Ordinance Section 2622, and pursuant to Section 8-12a of the Connecticut General Statutes).
  • If the violation continues, and no remedy is agreed upon, then the owner will be sent a letter from the City Attorney initiating legal action.

If the violation is on city or state property, the following procedure is followed:

  • The appropriate city or state department / agency is contacted and informed of the violation.
  • Follow-up with said department / agency as to action.


The following section comes from Section 12.10 of the Zoning Code and governs how the Zoning Enforcement Officer handles unregistered vehicles:

Parking & Storage or Certain Vehicles

There shall be no more than one un-registered vehicle or trailer allowed on any residentially zoned property other than in completely enclosed buildings or a car port. This un-registered vehicle must be good condition and stored in the back or side yard. Good condition is defined as having fully inflated tires, all doors, including the hood and truck, intact, and no broken or missing windows. The vehicle must be capable of passing a motor vehicle inspection as determined by the Zoning Enforcement Officer after consultation with pertinent officials.

An unregistered vehicle which does not satisfy the "good condition" definition may be allowed on a residentially zoned property if the vehicle does not have any foreseeable adverse effects on the public health, safety and welfare and is fully covered with a tarp or fully enclosed with a six foot high stockade fence.

An unregistered vehicle may be allowed in the front yard of a residential zoned property for the purpose of advertisement of sale for a period of 30 days. This vehicle must be in Good Condition, as defined above, and owned by the owner of the property on which the car is displayed. In order to place an unregistered vehicle in the front yard of a residentially zoned lot the owner shall obtain a permit from the Zoning Enforcement Officer (ZEO). If no complaints are filed with the ZEO one additional 30 day time period may be granted.

(Amended effective October 15, 1990)

Reporting Form

Please read the preceding regulations before reporting abandoned vehicles through our online form.