A Permitted Use

  1. Does your proposal entail the subdivision or resubdivision of land as defined in the text on subdivisions and subdivision regulations?
  2. No/Yes
    1. No: Submit application, required fee and Site Plan in conformance with Section 55 of the Zoning Code (PDF) to the Planning and Zoning office 
    2. Yes: Proceed to item 8 on the "Land Use and Development Process Flow Chart."
  3. If required, appear before the Planning and Zoning Commission to present your proposal. This is in regard to uses which require Special Exception approval. All other uses, which are allowed in the zone by right, submitted to the Commission.
  4. If the site plan is denied redesign: If approved submit contract documents for construction permits to Department of Public Works and the Building Department.
  5. Building Permits issued after sign off from Planning Office and field construction begins under supervision of the Department of Public Works and Zoning Enforcement Officer, in accordance with Planning and Zoning approval conditions.
  6. Certificate of Occupancy Issued when all required work has been completed.