Residential Unit Business Pursuit

Development Option: You wish to conduct a small scale quasi-business undertaking in your home which is located in a residential zone. You do not feel the business will influence the neighborhood and you see no way that business could be economically feasible if conducted in a totally business setting. No employees are allowed nor can any items be sold from the dwelling.

What must be considered? Section 10.08 of the Zoning Code (PDF) lists the criteria which the Director of Planning will use in considering your application. What is recommended? You should consult with the Planning and Zoning staff prior to filling your application.

How long will it take? The Director of Planning will review your application and if he finds no conflict with the criteria in the Zoning Code he will issue a permit for a ninety (90) day trial basis. After the ninety days the permit can be made permanent.

What if I want to expand my business? Any substantial deviation from the approved Residential Unit Business Pursuit will be permitted only upon the approval of the Director of Planning and Zoning. If you expand without approval your permit may be evoked.