Site Plan Approval

Development Option:- You wish to develop a site for a permitted commercial, industrial or residential use or you wish to construct an addition or a pool. For this reason Site Plan Approval under Section 55.01 of the Zoning Code (PDF) is required. For residential additions, decks, sheds, and pools, you may sketch the plan yourself.

What is the purpose of Site Plan Approval?- It is the Planning and Zoning Commission's responsibility to insure that your proposal is in keeping with the purpose and intent of the Zoning Ordinance. Site Plan Approval allows the Planning and Zoning Department to be certain that issues of particular concern are being met in your development proposal. these include such site improvements as erosion and sedimentation control, sidewalks, parking, dumpsters, lighting, landscaping, screening, fences, and all related planning factors.

How is Site Plan Approval different from a Special Exception?- Under Site Plan Approval you have a right to develop for the proposed use. the issue is whether your development is planned on the site so as to avoid traffic hazards, annoyance to neighbors, etc.

How long does the Site Plan Review Process take?- No building permit can be issued until all departments concerned are notified and given sufficient time to review the site plan and make recommendations to the Planning and Zoning Department. A decision on your application and accompanying plan must come from the Planning and Zoning Department within 65 days from the day of receipt.

What's Next?- If your site plan has been approved you may apply for a building permit. If your site plan was denied and you question the interpretation of the site plan, you may appeal to the Zoning Board of Appeals. if you correct the problems and reasons for denial, which must be clearly presented to you, you may resubmit the corrected site plan and your plan must then be approved.