Development Option: You plan to develop a parcel by dividing it into three or more lots for future sale or development. For this reason your actions qualify as subdividing the parcel. The division of a parcel into two or more lots may also require approval as a "resubdivision" if it involves a change in a map of an approved or recorded subdivision. The resubdivision approval process is the same as the subdivision approval process.

What must you do? You must conform to the City's Subdivision Regulations available in the Planning Department. This includes an informal discussion with the Planning Staff, a detailed plan, a formal preliminary plan application and fee and final plan approval.

How long will it take? In the City of Middletown both subdivisions and resubdivisions will require public hearings. The Planning and Zoning Commission must provide adequate notice prior to the required public hearing and then hold the hearing at most 65 days from the day of receipt. A decision must come within 65 days of the close of the hearing and the hearing is to conclude 30 days after it commences. Notice of the decision must be advertised in a newspaper at most 15 days after the decision. Grounds for denial for either a subdivision or resubdivision must be clearly stated. Upon approval and publication there is a 15 day appeal period for any aggrieved parties. The approved final subdivision plat must be recorded in the Office of Town Clerk.