I want to get a new sign or change the current sign for my business, what do I need to know?

The following steps should be taken to installing a new sign for a business:

  1. The first thing you should do is take a look at and/or get a copy of the following:
    1. Initial Land Use Application (PDF)
    2. City Zoning Code: Section 48 Signs (PDF)
    3. Design Guidelines (PDF) (last page in this guide provides an overview of the process)
  2. Then, using the information provided in the above documents design your proposed sign.
  3. After your have designed your sign, submit your proposal that includes:
    1. A scale color drawing of the sign
    2. Provide a map and/ or a photograph of the location
    3. $25 fee
  4. Submit your application at least a week in advance of the meeting to allow for distribution. Meetings are usually the 2nd Wednesday, so the first Wednesday is the usual cut off date.
  5. Attend the Design Review and Preservation Board meeting to explain your proposed sign to the Board and answer any questions they may have. The Board will approve the project or make suggestions.
  6. The Planning and Zoning Officials will take the Design Review and Preservation Board's advisory opinion and check on the proposed sign's compliance with Planning and zoning codes and regulations. You will be contacted as to whether or not your proposed sign was approved.
  7. Once your application has cleared Planning and Zoning, you may take it to the Building Department to obtain a building permit.
  8. Install your new sign.

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