Tax Collector

  • The 1st installment was due July 1, 2023
  • The 2nd installment was due January 1, 2024

Payment Information

The City of Middletown has partnered with Point and Pay, LLC, to accept credit card payments online or via telephone at 888-891-6064. Look up by bill number or by Unique identification and (CLICK HERE TO) PAY YOUR BILL ONLINE.


If paid by charge card only, you will receive clearance for DMV after FOUR (4) business days.

If paid by any check, you will receive clearance for DMV after twenty-one (21) business days .  If DMV clearance is needed sooner, a copy of the cancelled check or mini-statement from the bank must be provided to the Tax Collector’s Office.

With this service, taxpayers can look up and pay bills online for current taxes, delinquent taxes, or sanitation charges.

Cash Payments

The City of Middletown must collect  ALL MV/MVS taxes due in CASH ONLY in order to notify the CT DMV with an overnight download for next day CT DMV activity.

Convenience Fee

Point and Pay charges taxpayers a convenience fee for processing credit card transactions. The fee for a standard credit card is 2.5% of the total, with a $2 minimum fee and is disclosed before you approve the transaction completion. Taxpayers will have the opportunity to review the transaction and back out of the transaction if necessary before it is processed.

If you are using a Visa Logo Debit card, please select the Debit option which will charge a flat rate of $3.95. 

Motor Vehicle Taxes & Clearance

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) encourages taxpayers to go online to process transactions in order to avoid waiting in line at the DMV branches. You can now verify your tax status and other compliance issues with DMV online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you pay by credit card through the Point and Pay service portal, either by phone or online, the payment will be posted the next morning and you will receive clearance for DMV after four (4) business days.

If you pay using a personal check, the City of Middletown will not clear you for registration for 21 days, unless a copy of the cancelled check or mini-statement from the bank is provided to the Tax Collector’s Office,  At that point, the CT DMV will be notified in the overnight download. 

Paper Slips Discontinued

Effective November 2015, the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles discontinued the use of the ‘paper’ vehicle clearance slip, and the tax collector’s release stamp on vehicle registrations. The DMV no longer accepts either paper or stamped releases. This change came about through DMV’s initiative, not the City’s.

The best way to avoid problems with compliance at the DMV is to pay your motor vehicle taxes on time, before they are late.