Health Education

Community Health Education

Our Community Health Educator is committed to improving the health of the community by:

  • Offering health education and support to help individuals make healthy behavior and lifestyle changes. 
  • Preparing educational materials, news articles, and reports.
  • Providing health and wellness educational materials to schools, businesses,  organizations, and the community. 
  • Coordinating special programs and events, such as the Teen Life Conference, Middletown Kids Health and Safety Day, Senior Health Expo, “Middletown in Motion” Walking Trails, and Radon Testing program.
  • Monitoring the health of residents through research, data collection and evaluation.
  • Serving as a resource to the community for inquires about health related matters. 

Ask a Community Health Educator!

Looking for credible health information? Our Community Health Educator is here to help ensure that you receive credible health information, answer your questions, and connect you to local resources! Fill out the survey below. 

Health Education in the Community

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Community HEART Health Event - February 14
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