Downtown Neighborhoods

To residents of the downtown, the downtown is their neighborhood. If their neighborhood represents a safe and pleasant living environment they will invariably dine, shop, socialize and recreate in the downtown. For this reason, the City must recognize the downtown as a very unique and special “neighborhood.” A neighborhood which also has the ability to attract visitors.

There are two predominately residential neighborhoods in the downtown. They are defined on the subdistricts map as the Ferry/Green mixed-use neighborhood and the Northwest Residential Area. 

Others also represent significant populations of people in the downtown with diverse socioeconomic backgrounds such as:

  • Arriwani Hotel
  • Old Middletown High
  • Sbona Tower
  • South Green Apartments
  • Traverse Square
  • Upper floor apartments along Main Street, particularly in the north end
  • River’s Edge Condominium

This ethnically and socio-economically diverse population includes long time residents, new families, college students, young professionals, and low to moderate income households. These residences and the people who reside in them are certainly one of the most important elements contributing to the vitality of this downtown. 

No individual income group can preserve and increase the vitality of downtown. Currently there is an over concentration of lower income groups living in the downtown. Therefore, the mixed character of the current population must be enhanced by attracting more moderate and upper income groups.