City Ordinance

Chapter 14: Boards, Committees, and Commissions

ARTICLE VII Conservation Commission [Adopted 2-5-1990; amended 1-3-1994]

§ 14-27. Membership and terms of office.

A. There shall be a Commission known as the "Commission on Conservation and Agriculture." The Commission shall consist of 11 regular members and three alternates who must be residents of the City of Middletown. A. The 11 regular members shall be appointed and serve as follows: four shall serve for one-year terms; four shall serve for two-year terms; three shall serve for three-year terms.

B. The three alternate members shall be appointed and serve as follows: one shall serve for a term of one year; one shall serve for a term of two years; one shall serve for a term of three years.

C. Filling of Commission vacancies shall be conducted in a manner that will maintain the staggered term expiration dates. New Commissioners appointed to fill unexpired terms will serve the remainder of the term. New Commissioners appointed at the start of a term or Commissioners being reappointed shall be appointed for a full three-year term as defined under this section.

D. The terms of all Commission members, regular and alternate, shall commence upon appointment from the Mayor with the consent of the Common Council after the passage of this article, and then on February 15, thereafter.

Appointments of members and election of the Chairperson

A. All members, both regular and alternate, of the Commission, shall be appointed by the Mayor with the consent of the Common Council. At least three members of the Commission shall be experienced in the management, protection and/or the regulation of agriculture as defined by Connecticut General Statutes. § 1-1q.

B. The Commission shall elect a Chairperson at the first meeting of the new Commission and thereafter, at its first meeting in each subsequent year.

14-28. Duties.

A. The Commission on Conservation and Agriculture shall perform such duties as are required and permitted of a municipal conservation commission and a municipal agricultural council, as provided in C.G.S.7-131a and C.G.S.7-131v, respectively as amended.

...B.The Commission may establish a subcommittee to fulfill the duties and responsibilities of a municipal agriculture council as provided in C.G.S.7-131v.