Middletown Youth Services is working to expand the way it supports young people when they struggle. Here are a few of the ways we do so:

Middletown Youth Diversion Team: provides an alternative to court for first time youth offenders. The MYDT is made up of community volunteers and YSB staff who work with families to help form agreements that help repair harm caused and look to ensure the long-term success of our youth. Police and courts are the primary referral source; although school's may refer as an alternative to school discipline. This process was referred to as a Juvenile Review Board in the past. 

A Diversion Team brochure can be viewed HERE.

Service Review Team: a voluntary process available to help connect youth and families to services, supports, and resources. The SRT process offers a space for families to share challenges they are facing to a small group of community members who are experts in local resources. The goal of the SRT is to work together to identify options that might be helpful to the family. Anyone can refer and SRTs have been used to help youth as young as 5 and as old as a high schooler.

The SRT "fact sheet" can be downloaded as a Word document HERE.

The SRT referral form can be downloaded as a Word document HERE

Truancy/School Attendance Issues: provides a court alternative to support youth who are missing school and considered by law "truant". Our YSB offers a family assessment and can help connect to support services and positive youth development programs that may assist in the youth attending school on a more regular basis. Note that this process is for school staff referrals only.

The school referral guide can be viewed as a PDF HERE.

The school referral form can be viewed as a PDF HERE

For information on any of these options, or to discuss other ways we can help, please contact our diversion coordinator Bonnie Daley at 860-854-6030 or bonnie.daley@middletownct.gov