Technical Rescue Team

The Middletown Fire Department (MFD) operates with three Specialized Rescue Teams: 

  • Dive Team
  • Marine Operations
  • Technical Rescue

Each team is staffed by MFD employees specially trained in these disciplines. 

Technical Rescue Team

The mission of the Technical Rescue Team (TRT) is to provide a coordinated effort to locate, extricate, and provide medical treatment to victims of the communities we serve. The Middletown fire Department Technical Rescue Team capabilities include:

  • Confined space rescue - this discipline includes locating, packaging, and removing victims who are injured, incapacitated, or unable to self-extricate from a confined space environment.  
  • Trench Rescue - this discipline includes responding to any type of trench, below grade collapse, or rescue.  
  • Vehicle & Machinery rescue - this discipline includes responding to motor vehicle accidents or any type of mechanical entrapment.  The TRT is trained to utilize an extensive cache of hydraulic, pneumatic, electric, and manual rescue tools.
  • Rope rescue - this discipline includes low & high angle rope rescue.  The Middletown Fire Department carries an extensive cache of rope rescue equipment and all TRT members are trained in urban, suburban, and wilderness rope rescue environments.
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The Middletown Fire Department TRT is supported by Rescue 1. Rescue 1 is a heavy duty rescue vehicle which carries a state-of-the-art rescue cache.  The TRT is also supported by a fully stocked Trench Rescue trailer and a Polaris 6-wheel UTV.  Members of the MFD are trained to the technician certification level and refresh annually in all the fore mentioned rescue disciplines.  Throughout the Middletown Fire Department's TRT's 14 year history it has been involved in many high profile emergency rescue incidents.