April 9th, 2020 Update

The Middletown Fire Department would like to take this time to update the community on our efforts to keep everyone safe in these unprecedented times.  For the past month, the members of the MFD are taking this pandemic seriously and have changed the way we do business!  Not only is your safety our priority, but our safety as well.

Middletown Fire Department Building

We now run a dedicated EMS response vehicle to all medicals.  This vehicle responds with two Firefighter/EMTs who’s only obligation is emergency medical response.  We are running this crew out of a separate location in order to prevent the possibility of cross-contamination with our fire suppression staff and our other fire stations.  While we are committed to running our outstanding fire-based EMS system in our city, we must also be ready to commit to our primary mission of fire suppression.

We have worked with our partners at Middlesex Health and Hunter’s Ambulance to assure that we are following all of the latest CDC and State of Connecticut protocols for both EMS response to COVID-19 along with the protocols for keeping our personnel safe including proper personal protective equipment.  You may see us arrive wearing some of the usual equipment such as gloves and goggles, but you may see wearing gowns and masks as well.  Most often we will be wearing an N95 face mask, but based on the nature of the incident or even the supply of our equipment, we may opt to wear a self-contained breathing apparatus like you would see us wearing when entering a fire building.  This is not meant to scare or intimidate anyone, but to keep you safe and our personnel as well.

The next couple of weeks are going to be tough for everyone, especially with the upcoming holidays.  If we maintain the social distancing and avoid large crowds, we can only hope the projections are accurate and we will be able to start to get back to normal as summer approaches. 

If you have any questions about response, please do not hesitate to contact us.  Stay Safe!


Robert W. Kronenberger

Fire Chief /Director of Emergency Management

Mission Statement

To enhance the quality of life in our community by preventing or minimizing injury and the loss of life or property from fire or other emergencies that may occur within the jurisdictional boundaries of the area we serve.