Process for Determining Paratransit Elgibility

The ADA regulations require the Middletown Transit District to establish a process for determining ADA paratransit eligibility. The Middletown Transit District's process follows all requirements of the ADA regulations and includes the following conditions:

  • All information about the process, materials necessary to apply for eligibility, and notices and determinations concerning eligibility shall be made available in accessible formats, upon request.
  • If, after 21 days following submission of a completed eligibility application, the Middletown Transit District's staff has not made a determination of eligibility, the applicant shall be treated as eligible and provided service until and unless the Middletown Transit District denies application.
  • The Middletown Transit District's staff may require recertification of the eligibility of ADA paratransit individuals at reasonable intervals.
  • The Middletown Transit District's staff shall provide documentation to each eligible individual stating that he or she is "ADA Paratransit Eligible." The documentation shall include the name of the eligible person, the name of the transit provider, the telephone number of the Middletown Transit District's paratransit coordinator, an expiration date for eligibility, and any conditions or limitations on the individual's eligibility including the use of a personal care attendant.
  • The process shall strictly limit ADA paratransit eligibility to individuals specified as eligible.

The eligibility is proposed to be made using an application form consisting of a number of questions to determine necessary information to render an eligibility determination. The Middletown Transit District will request that each applicant for eligibility provide information regarding the name of physician or health care professional who can certify as to the nature of the applicant's disability.