Process for Eligibility Denials

The Middletown Transit District shall establish an administrative appeal process through which individuals who are denied eligibility can obtain review of the denial. The appeal process shall be as follows:

  • The appeals process shall include an opportunity for the affected individual to be heard and to present information and arguments. The Middletown Transit District's Administrator shall render a decision regarding the appeal within 30 days from submission of the appeal. The affected individual may further appeal to the Middletown Transit District Board of Directors.
  • In application for ADA paratransit eligibility, the Middletown Transit District may require the applicant to indicate whether or not he or she shall travel with a personal care attendant.
  • In the event of appeals for eligibility or sanctions due to missed scheduled trips, the Middletown Transit District shall render a final decision regarding the appeal within 30 days following submission of the appeal. Further appeals can be made to the Connecticut Department of Transportation, Office of Transit and Ridesharing for independent review. The decision of the ConnDOT shall be considered as final.
  • The Middletown Transit District is required to provide paratransit service to the individual pending the determination on appeal.
  • The Middletown Transit District shall require that all appeals to denials of eligibility be filed within 60 days of the denial to: Middletown Transit District
    340 Main Street, Middletown
    Connecticut 06457