City Ordinance


§ 23-7. Economic Development Committee. [Added September 4, 1984; amended November 18, 1987; November 6, 1991]

A. Membership; appointment. There shall be a standing committee of the Common Council to be known as the "Economic Development Committee." Said Committee shall consist of five members of the Common Council, not more than three of whom shall be of the same political party, to be appointed by the Common Council to serve during their term of office.

B. General purpose; duties. The general purpose of the Economic Development Committee shall be to enhance the effectiveness of the total development effort of the City of Middletown, including but not limited to the marketing of the City. The Committee shall study, evaluate and make appropriate recommendations to the Mayor and Common Council for development programs and priorities as deemed necessary and desirable to promote social, cultural, economic, physical, industrial, recreational, and commercial improvements within the City of Middletown. The Committee shall review and make recommendations to the Mayor and Common Council as to proposals concerning acquisition or disposition of any interest in property by the City and any development matters not specifically within the jurisdiction of any other municipal agency. The Committee shall perform such other duties relating to development affecting the City of Middletown as may be required by the Mayor and Common Council.