Additions To Your Home (Includes Decks)

Putting an Addition on Your Home

  1. All applications require the Initial Application Form (PDF) (also referred to as the Blue Form). The "General Information" section, the "What Are You Applying to Do?" section and the "Facts About Land" section all must be filled out in their entirety. If there is a question you are not sure about, leave it blank and the secretarial staff will assist when submitting the application. The property owner's signature is required for all applications.
  2. Find out what the setback requirements are for the zone the property is located in.
  3. Submit a site plan for review. Draw the boundaries of your property, any structures on your property and where you propose to locate your addition or deck.
  4. Filing Fees For Site Plan Review Applications
  5. The Connecticut General Statutes provide for up to 65 days from the day of receipt to process, review and decide upon site plan review applications. In Middletown, the lead time for Site Plan Review Applications is as follows: Additions such as decks, etc.- 1 week. If septic and/or well is involved, lead time is 2 weeks.
  6. The following documentation is required as follows: Additions such as decks, etc.- Two copies of a sketch of the property indicating the location of the proposed addition, its dimensions and the distances from the proposed addition to the property lines. If the applicant has a copy of the A-2 survey, a copy of this can also be used and the addition drawn in. If septic and/or well is involved, three copies are required. 

The following are examples of the sketch and the survey:

Additional Information

For more information on the overall process of obtaining approval from Middletown's Department of Planning, Conservation, and Development for a project, please take a look at Middletown's Developer's Guide.