Economic and Community Development

Welcome to the City of Middletown's Economic and Community Development Department.  

The purpose of this department is to help oversee the various redevelopment projects that City will be undertaking in the short-term and long-term.  

Duties and Responsibilities. The Department will have a comprehensive approach to development that incorporates community, transportation, parking, education, arts and culture, and sustainability. Specifically, the department will:

a. Support existing businesses and attracts new businesses and jobs with a wide range of programs and services to help companies prosper;

b. Create and initiate community-based strategies to build strong neighborhoods;

c. Strengthen the Middletown community by providing funding and technical support for local development projects;

d. Work to make arts, culture, and history a leading economic contributor and a source of pride for Middletown;

e. Plan, implement, and manage the downtown parking infrastructure and manage parking supply to support the viability of downtown as a place to work, live, and conduct business;

f. Collect appropriate revenue to maintain and operate parking and ensure turnover of parking spaces; and

g. Help eliminate brownfield properties by promoting smart growth principles, strengthening public/private partnerships and providing a one-stop resource for expertise.


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The City of Middletown is committed to assisting the small business community in Middletown.  The Department of Planning, Conservation and Development for the City along with the Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce, the State Department of Economic and Community Development, and the U.S.Small Business Administration will be working together to inform the small business community of the resources that are available to them during this Public Health Emergency.

Below are a few links where local businesses can find information on resources currently available.

City of Middletown COVID-19 Business Resource Guide

U.S. SBA Coronavirus Samll Business Guidance & Loan Resources

State Department of Economic and Community Development Business Resources

Middlesex County Chamber of Commerce Coronavirus Tool-kit

The City of Middletown Planning, Conservation and Development Department coordinates planning and zoning, development and conservation efforts, and the capital planning activities of the city.  All of these activities are driven by the City’s Plan of Conservation and Development.  

The department is comprised of three divisions (Planning and Zoning, Conservation and Development) that work collectively to fulfill the City’s Plan of Conservation and Development.