New Food Waste Collection Pilot Program to Begin 

Connecticut is facing a trash disposal crisis.  With the closing of the Hartford MIRA facility, more waste is being sent to out-of state landfills and incinerators. This practice not only increase costs, but also increases environmental impacts.  Middletown is being proactive, in implementing this new program to try to manage waste differently and more sustainably.  

The  Food Waste Co Collection pilot program set to begin Nov. 21, 2022.  Sanitation District customers will receive information and a year's supply of trash and food waste bags starting Nov. 12th.  Full details on the program can be found here:

Thank you to the Jonah Center for providing a recording of an informational session on the new program.  It is available here:  

Learn how Wesleyan students and the City worked together to role out this important initiative.  Article available here.

**Please NOTE there is NO CHANGE to Recycling. Please recycle as normal, and DO NOT BAG RECYCLABLES**

Curbside Trash and Recycling Services 

Most residents in Middletown are serviced by private trash haulers.  A list of these haulers is available here.  If you live in the City Sanitation District, contact the Public Works Department at 860-638-4852 to set up service.  

All residential haulers must offer trash and recycling services and follow the RecycleCT Recycling Guidelines.  Find a list of "What's In, What's Out" with the recycling here.  

City Sanitation District

The City Sanitation District collects garbage and recyclables in the downtown area of Middletown. Residents and businesses in the District pay a separate fee for this service. All garbage and recycling is collected by an automated truck and materials must be in a city issued cart.  Bulk Waste is collected separately on a Wednesday and/or Thursday for $75 per pick up.* Bulk waste is not collected on holiday weeks. Brush is also collected curbside in the District.   Brush must be cut to 3’ lengths and bundled for collection.  

Sanitation District Questions:

Operational Questions:  860-638-4850

Billing Questions: 860-638-4852 

Sanitation District Boundaries 

Check this map to see the boundaries of the City Sanitation District.  


Sanitation District Guidelines (PDF) outline procedures for regular garbage disposal, recycling and bulk waste collection.

Sanitation Garbage & Recycling Schedule

Recycling and garbage are picked up on the same day. Recycling is every other week, garbage is every week. If garbage is placed in the recycling cart, it will not be emptied. 

* Bulk waste is $75/pick up plus $36 per each mattress and box spring.  All mattresses and box springs must be wrapped in plastic bags.  Bags are available at the Dept. of Public Works and can be picked up when the payment is made.  More information on Bulk Waste Collection Collection can be found here.  


The Sanitation District usually observes the following holidays:  Independence Day, Labor Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving Day, Day after Thanksgiving, Christmas Day, New Years Day, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day, Presidents Day, Good Friday, Memorial Day. If staffing and funding allow, crews could work these days.  Check the News Flash section of the Public Works page or the Middletown facebook site for confirmation as to whether crews are working on these days.You can sign up for these notices to come right to your inbox.  If in doubt, always put your garbage and recycling out on your regular collection day.  Even if it is a holiday week, and the holiday doesn’t fall on your collection day, still put your carts out on the regular day.  Crews work to catch up immediately.  Half the route may be on schedule, half a day behind.  So please be patient with the holiday pick up.   


Everyone must recycle. Here are the general guidelines (PDF) for curbside recycling.  More information on recycling can be found in the Mixed Recycling Guidelines (PDF)

Food Waste 

Businesses using the Sanitation District service can sign up for free collection of food waste.  Information on this program is available here.  

Residents in the Sanitation District asked to use the city issued green food scrap bags for food scraps.  Full details are available here.  

All Residents are encouraged to use one of the City's drop off locations for food scraps.   They can also hire a private hauler to collect food scraps curbside.  Currently the only hauler offering this service in Middletown is Blue Earth Compost.  

Private Trash Haulers 

If you live outside of the Sanitation District, you are serviced by a private trash hauler (PDF). You must contact them directly for service and costs. All private haulers must be registered with the City and provide both trash and recycling services.

Private Trash Haulers must complete these forms to operate in the City of Middletown. 

All Trash and Recycling Carts must be removed from the curb after collection

On March 3, 2014, the Common Council adopted new ordinances, Sections 253-23 to 253-26, which require that all garbage carts and recycling bins be removed from the curbside within 24 hours of pick up. A fine of $25 will be issued for each violation. Please note that each continuing day of noncompliance shall constitute a separate violation.