Office of the Assessor


It is the Assessor’s responsibility to establish fair and equitable values for all real-estate, taxable personal property, and taxable motor vehicles located within the city. The assessment year begins October 1st and continues to September 30th of each year. All assessment work must be completed for the finalization of the Grand List on January 31st.

Additional Information

Elderly and Totally Disabled Renter's Rebate Program

  • Application Period: April 1 through October 1, 2021

  • Eligible Applications:

    • Persons over 65 years old
    • Persons under 65 receiving Social Security disability
  • Income Requirements:

    • Married: Maximum $45,800
    • Single: Maximum $37,600
    • Income limits change annually per State of Connecticut Office of Policy and Management
  • Proof Required:

    • Rent receipts or statement from landlord for entire 2020 year or rental period
    • Utility receipts (electric, oil, gas) for entire 2020 year or rental period
    • All income statements
      • 2020 Federal Income Tax (if filed)
      • 2020 Social Security 1099 Statement, Social Security TPQY for Disabled
      • Pensions
      • Bank Interest
      • Any other income