Dates of Wars & Military Campaigns

Date of wars and other recognized military campaigns and operations under section 27-103, amended by public act 03-85 for property tax exemption eligibility under section 12-81 (19) as of October 1, 2003

War or CampaignDates
Spanish-American WarApril 21, 1898 to July 4, 1902
Spanish-America War - Moro ProvinceApril 21, 1898 to July 15, 1903
Mexican Border PeriodMarch 10, 1916 to April 6, 1917
World War IApril 6, 1917 to November 11, 1918
World War IIDecember 7, 1941 to December 31, 1946
Korean ConflictJune 27, 1950 to January 31, 1955
Vietnam EraFebruary 28, 1961 to July 1, 1975
LebanonJuly 1, 1958 to November 1, 1958 or September 29, 1982 to March 30, 1984
Invasion of GrenadaOctober 25, 1983 to December 15, 1983
Operation Earnest WillFebruary 1, 1987 to July 23, 1987
Invasion of PanamaDecember 20, 1989 to January 31, 1990
Persian Gulf WarAfter August 2, 1990

Additional Information

  • The Spanish American War includes the Philippine Insurrection, the boxer Rebellion and service in the Moro Province, for which the ending date is eleven days later than the ending date for the Spanish American War.
  • The ending date for service in Russia by a person serving with the United State military forces during World War 1 differs from the ending date for all service during that war in all other arenas.
  • Pursuant to Sec 12-86, twelve o’clock midnight on December 31, 1947 is the World War II termination date for the purposes of granting a property tax exemption.
  • A person must have served in a combat or combat support role for the duration of a campaign lasting less than 90 days (i.e, the Invasions of Grenada and Panama) in order to qualify for a property tax exemption. A person must also have served in a combat or combat support role in Lebanon or in Operation Earnest Will, during the specified dates, in order to qualify for an exemption. An armed Forces Expeditionary Medal is awarded to such individuals.
  • Although referred to as the Persian Gulf War, service in the Persian Gulf is not required, nor is service in a combat or combat support role. Service anywhere for at least 90 days, and timely filing of DD214, qualifies for an exemption commencing October 1, 2003.