Tax Exemptions for Veterans

Honorably Discharged Veterans

Honorably discharged veterans who served in wartime are eligible for the Town funded veterans’ exemption of $1,500 to be applied toward their real estate or motor vehicle tax assessments. Proof of military service (DD214 discharge papers) must be on file with the City of Middletown Town Clerk. This is a one-time filing. (Note: Must be filed prior to October 1, Grand List date to get exemption on that list).

Disabled Veterans

Disabled Veterans may receive an assessment exemption of $2,250 to $4,500 based on their disability. Disabled veterans must annually submit Department of Veterans affairs form Number 20-6566 to the Assessor’s office. Proof of military service (DD214 discharge papers) also must be filed with the Town Clerk.

Additional Programs

Additional Veterans’ Exemption Program (Income eligible): Low income disabled and wartime veterans may receive additional exemption benefits. He/She must file an application with the Assessors Office between February 1, and October 1. Proof of income received in the previous calendar year must be provided. Following approval of the initial application by the Assessor, the applicant must file biennially. In the period between filings, applicants must notify the Assessor of any significant change in their income.