Portland Chemical Clean-Up

Project History

After several years without receiving taxes for the property, the City foreclosed on the land in 2000 to re-sell or redevelop it as a viable piece of industrial/commercial real estate.

January 2001

In January 2001, a remediation program consisting excavation designed to address the soil contamination unearthed previously unidentified drums containing various chemicals and wastes. CT DEP was notified and required an emergency response to remove and properly characterize and dispose the drums and wastes. The City cooperated with the CT Department of Environmental Protection during the completion of an Emergency Response to remove the buried drums and surrounding soil.

News & Press

As documented in the Middletown Press, approximately 130 buried drums were unearthed and properly disposed during this Emergency Response.

Grant Money

The City applied for $200,000 of grant money from the EPA to fully assess the environmental quality of this Brownfield site. Middletown received these funds and is currently assessing the site. The City is applying for a $200,000 EPA grant to clean up the contamination identified on the site.

Project Area

The approximately 3.1 acre subject site (the Site) consists of the rear lot of the former Port-land Chemical Works facility. The Site had been developed and maintained by former chemical distribution operations, including the Portland Chemical Works, from 1962 to 1992.

Above Ground Storage & Other Site Details

The Site had been developed with above ground storage tank farm that was connected via above ground piping to a loading rack along the railroad spur and a drum filling building on the southeast side of the Site. Other smaller shed buildings were located on the east side of the Site. 

The tank farm, loading rack, storage sheds, and drum filling building have been demolished. 

A railroad spur, railcar loading ramp, and chain link fence are the only remaining developed features on the site. The remainder of the site currently consists of low-lying marshy areas.

Site Location

The Site is bounded on the north by Primary Steel, on the south by Town and Country Toyota Dealership, on the east by Patriot Truck Equipment and Jukonski Truck Sales, and on the west by Primary Steel’s railroad spur. Site is accessible to Newfield Street via Jukonski Mitsubishi Truck Sales.

Applications, Maps, & Other Documents