Government Center

Located generally between Court Street on the South, Washington Street on the North, the rear of Main Street buildings on the West and DeKoven Drive on the East, this sub-district encompasses the City Hall, two former Court facilities, the DeKoven House, the new Middlesex Superior Court House and the Middletown Area Transit District Office. This district is the hub of governmental, judicial, and public transport activities. It is the physical as well as the symbolic center of the City and the Downtown. 

These governmental buildings, apart from being major employers in the Downtown, generate spin off offices and bring in other citizens who have business or are attending meetings at the City offices. These offices are a great source of downtown customers as the employees and residents utilizing these offices more likely than not shop at the downtown stores and have their lunch at area restaurants.

However, in the evening after the offices close, activity in the area declines significantly with the exception of important meetings of public agencies. Currently, a clear link to the Main Street retail core and the riverfront does not exist.

While the area has abundant public parking, it lacks any kind of public space where people could congregate at lunch hours, for special events and on holidays. This area should remain a government center with an expansion of uses to attract more people after hours and on weekends.

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