Ferry & Green Mixed Use Neighborhood

This district is located at the northern end of Downtown in the area between Hartford Avenue on the north, Washington Street on the South, the rest of Main Street Buildings on the west and deKoven Drive on the east. The district is characterized by a mix of single family and multifamily residences, public buildings, small businesses and eating places. 

The area has a number of historic buildings.

Once a thriving residential neighborhood, the neighborhood now consists of individuals from lower socio-economic populations and is characterized by problems such as loitering, drug use, and in some cases substandard housing conditions. 

However, it is noted that there has been significant investment in the area and some of the housing stock is in very good condition. The neighborhood represents an important built in customer base for retail and service establishments located along the northern end of Main Street who are now catering to this diverse clientele. This neighborhood should be preserved and enhanced.

View the Ferry and Green Mix Use Map (JPG).