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The forms below are required in order to participate in the Middletown Farmers Market.  Please email the Market Master a copy of all forms once complete.


  • We will be following the guidelines as set forth by CT Department of Agriculture for running a farmers market during the COVID -19 pandemic
  • The following payment methods will be accepted at the market this year:
    • Middletown Senior/Community Center: Senior Farmers Market Vouchers We expect to have the vouchers by August 1st. The vouchers are 6 checks in the amount of $3 to be used at the approved farmers market locations. You will receive a current list of Farmers Markets when picking up your vouchers. The State of CT has approved contactless distribution meaning we won’t need your signature on the voucher booklet. In order to qualify, you will be required to verbally attest that you meet the criteria. 
      • Resident of Middletown, 60 or older  You do not live in one of these properties that are handing out vouchers: Middletown Housing Authority, Newfield Towers, Old Middletown High, Pondview, Shiloh Manor, South Green Apartments, St. Luke’s Apartments, or Stoneycrest Towers 
      •  You have not received a check booklet already this year  You meet the 2020 annual income limits which are $23,606 or less for a single household and $31,894 or less for a double household
    •  If you meet these eligibility guidelines. You can call or email us to schedule pickup of your vouchers in August. 
      • You will be asked by a staff member to attest that you meet the criteria. Making false statements could subject you to prosecution under state and/or federal law and they may be required to pay back the value of the checks. 
      • You can appeal your eligibility determination to the State of CT. This program is supported by funding from the United States Department of Agriculture, Food and Nutrition Service and the CT Department of Agriculture. 
      • We are a distribution site and do not create the program rules or the distribution rules. We also don’t control the farmers markets or the pricing.
    • Luther Ridge at Middletown
    • Middlefield Senior & Social Services
    • Middletown Housing Authority
    • Newfield Towers
    • Old Middletown High School Apartments
    • Pondview Apartments
    • Shiloh Manor
    • SHP Management Corp
    • South Green Apartments
    • St. Lukes Apartments
    • The Carabetta Companies
  • SNAP 
  • WIC
  • Rx produce program: 
    • You can also get produce prescriptions at Middlesex Hospital and Community Health Center
  • Double Dollars (which are distributed at the market upon a SNAP purchase) through CT Fresh Match 
  • cash
  • credit/debit