Historic Preservation

Middletown's Commitment

The city of Middletown is committed to preserving its historic heritage. Therefore, Middletown has taken a number of steps to help residents and developers in Middletown understand and conform with the letter and spirit of local, state, and federal guidelines and/or regulations pertaining to historic buildings and districts.

For any resident or developer undertaking a project in the City of Middletown it is highly recommended to determine whether or not your project is associated with a recognized historic building or district.

This can be done by consulting the following historic registries:

  • Middletown's Historic Resource Inventory
  • The National Register of Historic Places
  • The State Register of Historic Places
  • The Inventory of Historic Engineering and Industrial Sites

Historic Districts

The following is a list of Historic Districts in the City of Middletown:

  • Downtown Historic Districts
    • Broad Street
    • Main Street
    • Metro South
    • South Green
    • Washington Street
  • Downtown Village District

Department Resources

When undertaking any construction, rehabilitation or physical development projects at a historic site or within a historic district, the following resource is used by the Planning and Zoning Department:

The City of Middletown has also developed guidelines for residents and developers: