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Each of you have witnessed up close the impacts of the pandemic certainly the economic and health impacts. We are now seeing just how big of a toll the pandemic has taken on our youth, our families, and our elderly. Due to isolation, social distancing, remote learning and more our sense of community has eroded. We see it in social media exchanges, at public meetings, in our neighborhoods, and in our school's. Folks are struggling. In order for our community to regain a sense of normalcy and vibrancy it is essential we invest in healing. On this page, you will find resources that will help you reconnect with your community here in Middletown.

September 2023

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  1. Sat Sep. 23

    Saturday Family Storytime! Join us for a fun family storytime in the Activity...
    Saturday Family Storytime!
  2. Mon Sep. 25

    Play Pals! Come play with us at the Library! Join us each we...
    Play Pals!
  1. Mon Sep. 25

    American Job Center AJC Ambassador: Darlena Young  American Job Center Info Table in the Lobby at Rus...
    American Job Center AJC Ambassador: Darlena Young 
  2. Mon Sep. 25

    Brand or Not? Snack Challenge Think you can tell the difference between brand na...
    Brand or Not? Snack Challenge
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