Overall Strategy for Downtown

The plan for downtown provides a strategy to ensure that downtown is an active mixed-use area. 

While the plan focuses on improving the business climate and encouraging active commercial and public uses in downtown, the plan also concentrates on strengthening the existing residential and mixed land use neighborhoods which are integral components of downtown and which provide vitality to downtown.

The strategy is to promote downtown as an exciting and interesting area to be in by enhancing retail uses, promoting after hours entertainment, and creating new arts and cultural activities and recreational uses within downtown.

The plan seeks to upgrade the existing fabric of downtown and strengthen its image. The strategy recognizes that the downtown is a collage of differentiated spaces and therefore, the plan analyzes the seven sub-districts in downtown to formulate sensitive and specific proposals.

The following pages articulate general policies for the downtown. 

The policies regard:

  • Arts and cultural activities
  • Downtown neighborhoods
  • Future development
  • Land-use
  • Retail revitalization and downtown management
  • Riverfront access
  • Traffic and pedestrian circulation, and parking
  • Urban design, preservation and rehabilitation