Future Development Opportunities

  1. Analyze the opportunities and impacts of a new Police Headquarters in the downtown area. If determined to be appropriate, keep new buildings in scale with existing structures and in accordance with this plan
  2. Promote the redevelopment of the Sears Automotive Center as an office building or hotel/conference center with a scale and architecture which responds to and complements the new Courthouse
  3. Locate a transit center on the northern side of Rapallo Avenue to bring people and greater activity to the area. Ensure that the facility is in keeping with the area’s historic nature and scale and is sensitive to air pollution concerns
  4. Create a focal point in the center of the downtown by developing a Pedestrian Mall with links to Main Street and the riverfront in the area of Columbus Plaza and use the deKoven Drive courthouse property to develop a major tourist attraction
  5. Promote the development of retail frontage on buildings facing Columbus Plaza, particularly in the Clock Tower building
  6. When market conditions dictate, guide the private sector redevelopment of Metro Square towards the recreation of a mixed-use neighborhood (to ensure a mandatory residential component) complete with:
    1.  Offices
    2. Nightclubs
    3. Residential
    4. Restaurants
    5. Specialty retail
  7. If vacated, direct the future re-use of the Bob’s Warehouse building on Kings Avenue towards multi-family residential
  8. After reviewing potential environmental constraints, consider the development of a marina at the Peterson Oil property
  9. Examine the feasibility of relocating the sewage treatment plant in conjunction with major employers to create an expanded marina at Harborpark
  10. If the treatment plant were to be relocated, promote high rise, multi-family residential development in the area south of Sumner Brook and on the southern side of River Road
  11. Attract small to medium sized corporate headquarters to accommodate the automated and telecommunicating workforce of the 21st century. This will foster a mixed-use atmosphere of working, shopping and relaxing all within the downtown