Clean Energy Task Force

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  • Anna Salo-Markowski, Chair
  • Vincent Loffredo, Council Member
  • Michael Marino, Council Member 
  • Erin Dopfel
  • Sara Mendillo
  • Ray Lumpkin
  • John Giuliano
  • Catherine Young 
  • Krishna Winston 
  • Staff: Chris Holden, PE, Public Works Director
  • Staff: Howard Weissberg, PE, Deputy Works Director 

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Clean Energy Task Force is to advise the Mayor and Common Council, conduct research, and make recommendations to improve energy efficiency and conservation, decrease energy costs, promote renewable energy, and reduce harmful energy-related environmental impacts in the City of Middletown. The Task Force also evaluates the latest technology for producing electricity from sources that are clean, sustainable and emission-free, such as wind turbines, photovoltaics, low-flow water turbines, geothermal and methane gas (Connecticut Class I Renewable), and makes applicable recommendations.

Climate Emergency Resolution

In 2020, the City of Middletown unanimously approved the Climate Emergency Resolution linked below.

Middletown Energy Plan 

In 2019, the City of Middletown approved the Energy Plan linked below.  The Clean Energy Task Force is currently working on updating the plan.


Follow the links below for more information on Clean Energy and Energy Efficiency.  

●        Energize CT   

●        CT Department of Energy & Environmental Protection’s Bureau of Energy & Technology Policy

●        CT Green Bank

●        Rewiring America guide to the Inflation Reduction Act


How You Can Reduce Your Energy Usage and Make the Transition from Fossil Fuels! Check out the following links!

Electric Vehicles:

         Consider an electric vehicle as your next car.  They are totally fun to drive and require much less maintenance than gas-powered vehicles

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations in Middletown

Electric Yard Tools: ·         

Try out battery-powered yard tools, such as mowers, leaf blowers, weed wackers, hedge trimmers, pruners, chainsaws, pressure washers.

Benefits to using battery-powered or corded electric tools:

  • Healthier to use: no exhaust to breathe in
  • Quieter: less likelihood of hearing loss
  • Generally light weight: less strain on the body
  • Less maintenance: no more changing spark plugs or fuel filters; no more stabilizing or draining the fuel before storage. You just need to keep them clean and store them in a dry location.
  • Usually smaller than gas-powered equipment, so easier to store
  • Not subject to the fluctuation of gas prices


Interested in making your business greener?  Check out the links below for information and rebates/incentives.

 ●        Request a no-cost, no obligation energy assessment of your business through SBEA (small businesses) or the Commercial and Municipal Energy Assessment Program

●        Solar and Battery Storage 

●        Use electric vehicles for transportation, newer EVs have a much longer range, and they require less maintenance than gas-powered vehicles.  Also, add an EV charger to your business – plenty of incentives available!

●      Install energy efficient lighting.

Middletown Clean Energy Projects

Street Lights 

Street Light Conversion Project –     Construction to replace the conventional street lights with LED sLED streetlightstreet lights began in October 2020. The project initially consisted of a complete audit and evaluation of the current street lights, design work based on current conditions, reconciliation of street light data with the electric utility, and application for conversion incentive funds from the electric utility. Construction will take place through January 2021. Upon completion, the project is expected to save over $100,000 after paying bond costs, and will save over $300,000 per year after paying off the 10-year bond.

To report a street light outage, please click here


Renewable Energy Projects

Police Station

Moody School

Higby Solar Project

High School Fuel Cell Project