Historic Properties List

How to Determine if a Property Is Historic

You can check to see if the property is on the list below. Properties are listed by street address. If the street is listed without a street number then the entire neighborhood can be considered to be of historic importance. If a property is not on the list, that does not mean it is not historic, it just means it has not be formally designated as historic. 

A rule of thumb is that any structure over fifty years in age is historic. This information can be found in at the Tax Assessor's office.

Be sure to take a look to see if your property or project is eligible for Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives.


The Key for the line entry below is as follows:

  • Street Address - Historic Name / Historic Use / Date of Construction

Sections are left blank if the information is not known.

Inventoried Buildings

Inventoried Buildings have links which include their Middletown Historic Architectural Resources (MHAR) Card number to their State Historic Resources Inventory Form.

All other entries are Notable Buildings or are of local significance. More on Survey Criteria can be found on our document (PDF).

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