Recycling is the law.  

Everyone must recycle: residents, businesses, institutions, schools, everyone.   Above is a List of What is Acceptable (PDF) in Middletown’s curbside recycling program.   This is uniform, whether you have the City Sanitation District or private collection.   

In the City Sanitation District, recycling is picked up every other week on the same day as trash. The calendar for pick up is as follows: 

Sanitation District Schedule June 2023 - November 2023(PDF)

Sanitation District Schedule December 2023 - November 2024 (PDF)

 If you live or have a business outside of the Sanitation District, here is a list of Private Trash Haulers (PDF).   Most residences have recycling carts on wheels (65 or 95 gallon) for mixed (or "single stream")  recycling.  Mixed Recycling means the paper recyclables and container recyclables are mixed together.  By recycling you can reduce your trash to help protect the environment and save the City money. 

Recycling is also accepted at the Middletown Recycling Center.   The Recycling Center also accepts other items such as bulk waste, appliances, furniture, food waste, ewaste, batteries, large cardboard boxes, brush, leaves, scrap metal and tires (no more than 4 at a time).  Some items are charged.  Details are available here.  

NO BAGSMake sure your recycling is placed loose in the recycling cart.  NO PLASTIC BAGS.  

Cartons are acceptable with the recycling!  

Please note that in Connecticut milk cartons and soup cartons are acceptable for recycling.  Please click on the link for full details of how to recycle cartons.  

Not All Take Out Containers are Acceptable in the Recycling

Confused about Take Out Containers?  Learn more about which take out containers are accepted with the recycling, and which belong in the trash. Take Out Container Recycling (or not) PDF

Learn more about reducing take out trash from the August 2021 Conservation Corner.  

Important Tips:

  • Empty and rinse containers. Please no liquids or food residue. 
  • No straws.  Caps are okay if they are ON the containers.  
  • Place materials loose in your cart. Plastic bags are not accepted in the curbside program because they jam the equipment at the sorting facility. 
  • Consult the list above for a complete list of what is acceptable.  
  • Try to reduce your waste, even your recycling.  Recycling is great but it still costs money.   Think and consider the waste before you buy.  
  • Close the loop! Buy products made from post-consumer recycled materials.
  • Check here for information on recycling other items beyond what goes in the recycling cart.  

Do you have a question about what is recyclable and what is trash?  Try our Waste Wizard to find the answers!