Feed The Earth Middletown


Restaurants Helping the Environment

The City of Middletown Sanitation District is working with Blue Earth Compost to help restaurants minimize food waste and reduce what is going to landfills and incinerators.  By separating food waste it can be a valuable resource that can be  turned into compost and create clean energy.  Traditional waste disposal methods contribute to air and water pollution, increase greenhouse gas emission and contribute to climate change.  

Cart Pictures In the spring of 2021, the City and Blue Earth Compost partnered with local restaurants to initiate the Feed The Earth Middletown Campaign. Restaurants, and other businesses that generate food waste, and use the Sanitation District service are able to receive separate carts for food waste and start their path to a more sustainable waste disposal practice.

Middletown Public Schools

We are excited to expand the Feed the Earth program to many of the Middletown Public schools.   Find more information on this collaboration here. 

Items Accepted with the Food Waste

Items that are acceptable in the program are listed here.  

Instructional Video

The City partnered with the Center for Ecotechnology, Blue Earth Compost and Perk on Main to develop a video to help restaurants separate food waste and reduce waste efficiently.  The instructional video is available  HERE.

There is no charge to Sanitation District customers for this service. 

Initial Press Conference Launch Announcement - Mayor Ben Florsheim held a press conference to announce the program on July 13, 2021. Speakers included Mayor Florsheim, Deputy Director of Public Works, Chris Holden, Brewbakers Chef and Owner Philipp Aigner, Blue Earth Compost Co Owner, Sam King and Middletown's Recycling Coordinator, Kim O'Rourke.  

The Feed The Earth program is currently being phased in throughout the Sanitation District.   Please contact the Middletown Recycling Coordinator if you are a business serviced by the District and have not started this service yet.  

Thank you to our businesses already participating in this program and separating their food scraps!  They are making a difference!  

  • BrewBakers
  • Stella D'oro
  • The Kitchen at Futures, Inc. 
  • Klekolo Coffee Shop
  • Mondo Pizza 
  • Back Again Game Room
  • Sweet Harmony
  • Fiore's II
  • Asian 
  • Prince House 
  • Wild Orchid 
  • Story and Soil
  • Perk on Main*
  • It's Only Natural Restaurant*
  • Typhoon
  • Conspiracy
  • Ford News 
  • Wadsworth Mansion 
  • Perkatory 
  • Eli Cannons
  • Forest City Brewery
  • Stubborn Brewery
  • The Bridge
  • O'Rourke's Diner 
  • Bergen House 
  • Golden Child 
  • Edible Arrangements 
  • Ford News
  • Fujiya Ramen
  • Fresh Greens & Protiens
  • Oh Momma
  • Thai Garden 
  • Dekoven House
  • Middlesex YMCA
  • Jutse Juice 
  • Rogis on Main 
  • Esca 
  • Forbidden Llama
  • Middletown Market 
  • The Cooking Company 
  • Snow School Kitchen
  • MacDonough School Kitchen
  • Beman School Kitchen
  • Farm Hill School Kitchen
  • Bielefield School Kitchen