Swap Shack

Swap Shack with Sign_ Jan 22December 2021 - Our new swap shack is open!    Please keep our new Swap Shack clean and tidy.  Place items on shelves neatly.  Don't bring trash  or large items.  The Shack is designed to only allow small items.  We don't have the space or the resources to manage large items such as furniture, large toys or baby equipment.  Furniture in good condition can go to the Restore in Cromwell, and large toys and baby items can go to consignment.   Thank you for you support! 


The Middletown Swap Shack is located at the Recycling Center  on the corner of Johnson St and North Main St.  It is open the same hours as the Recycling Center.    Residents are welcome to bring usable goods they no longer need for someone else to enjoy.  Residents are also welcome to take anything in the Swap Shack for their own use.   

  • We ask that people bring only usable items, such as household goods, books, toys, kitchen items, office supplies, clothing.  Do not bring broken items than no one will want.    
  • Since the building is small, we cannot accept furniture or large items for reuse.  We suggest you bring those to the Cromwell ReStore or ReConnstruction Center.  
  • Unpack your belongings.  Please don’t bring your items in bags or boxes and dump them.   Unpack the items onto the shelves for display.  

Our Swap Shack is maintained by wonderful volunteers and we appreciate everyone taking good care of it.