Campaign Lawn Signs

Can Campaign Lawn Signs be Recycled?   

It depends.  

Break the signs down for disposal.  

Remove the metal wire stand from the sign itself.   

Metal Stands

The metal stand is made of steel wire.   These cannot be recycled curbside, but they can be brought to the Recycling Center for recycling with the scrap metal.  

Paper Signs 

Most paper signs cannot be accepted with the recycling and must go in the trash.  They usually have a thin plastic lining that gives them strength to hold up to the rain and wind.  If your sign is only paper or cardboard, check with the Recycling Coordinator before recycling it.  

Hard Plastic Signs 

Hard plastic signs usually are made of corrugated plastic, which is a plastic #5.   These cannot be recycled with the City's current program and must go in the regular trash. The City's program only accepts plastic containers in its recycling program. 

Flexible Plastic Signs 

Plastic signs that are flexible, similar to a thin flexible plastic or a bag, cannot be recycled at the curb, but can be included with the plastic bag and film recycling at area stores.   In Middletown Stop and Shop and Price Chopper collect plastic film for recycling.   These signs MUST be clean and dry to be recycled properly.  


Consider saving your lawn signs for future use.  You could attach a new message to them, use in school projects or use it to promote a special event or use again in future campaigns.     

At the very least, save the wire stands to use for the next time you need to post signs or donate them to an organization that will use them.