Parking Ban Information

When a parking ban is declared, it is posted on the Home Page of the City of Middletown website.  It is listed in a banner in the top left corner of the page and posted on the Middletown Recycling and Public Works facebook page.     It is also sent to all the local television stations, the Middletown Eye, and the Chamber of Commerce.   You can also call the Department of Public Works, 860-638-4850, during normal working hours (Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:30 pm) to check or the non-emergency number of the Middletown Police Department, 860-638-4000, after hours.   

When a parking ban is declared, all vehicles must be removed from all City streets.   In the event alternate street parking is needed, vehicles may be parked in the following municipal parking lots without a fee: 

  • Melilli Plaza Lot (250 spaces)
  • Broad St/Kidcity Lot (100 spaces)
  • Broad St./Russell Library Lot (30 spaces)
  • Kings Ave. Lot (20 spaces)
  • Dingwall Dr Lot (90 spaces)

When a parking ban is declared, all vehicles parked on City street must be removed or run the risk of being ticketed for $205 per violation and/or towed by the Middletown Parking Department or Middletown Police Department at the owner's expense.   

If your vehicle is ticketed during any parking ban you should make payment to the Middletown Police Department, in person, at City Hall, M_F 8:30 a.m to 4:00 p.m. by phone at (860) 638-4920 or by internet by visiting

If, your vehicle is ticketed and towed, then you may claim your vehicle by contacting the Middletown Police Department directly at 860-638-4000.  In the event your vehicle is towed, your full payments for the total ticketed parking violation and the associated tow charges must be paid first, to the Middletown Police Department, before your vehicle can be released.  

The City asks for everyone's cooperation and understanding as we provide for the safety, well-being and snow removal operations for all of Middletown and its citizens.